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Content Management

Check Your Website Right Now. What Does It Say About Your Company?

To be effective, your website must contain current and relevant information about your business. How many websites do you visit where it is clear they haven't been updated in the last 2 years? What kind of message does that send to you about the company? Having outdated and inaccurate information on your website is simply a poor reflection of your business. With the right content management system and a defined website maintenance strategy, you can avoid being another Internet statistic.

Put the Fire Back into your website with WizardsFire.

WizardsFire focuses on Usability. What good is it having a Comtent Management System if it is too complex for you to use it? We designed WizardsFire to emulate the user interface of popular websites like  MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. These are concepts with which you have probably already familiarized yourself. Simplicity is key and simplicity is what you get from WizardsFire.
WizardsFire, Seeker New Media's content management system, includes the ability to:

  • Update all web page content
  • Dynamically add and remove pages from the website
  • Insert unique page titles and meta descriptions on each page, to assist in search engine ranking efforts
  • Insert images and links
  • Upload all types of files, including JPGs, GIFs, PDFs, Word documents and more
  • Upload all types of audio and video files 
  • Create and update photo galleries
  • Create and update press releases and news items
  • Post new items to your blog 

WizardsFire is of course completely browser-based, meaning there is no software to install or maintain at your office. 

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WizardsFire gave me the tools I need to gain an edge on my competitors. With the WizardsFire Start Plan, my business has made it's mark on the competitive internet. WizardsFire is a great Content Mangement System that I would recommend to any size business.

Mr. Richard Smith -

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